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Understanding Buy with Prime

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Amazon's D2C policy Buy with Prime, will be open to all US merchants before January 31, instead of the previous offer only to merchants using Amazon logistics (FBA) through invitation. The service allows Prime members to shop on e-commerce websites (merchants' independent sites) outside of Amazon and use Amazon Pay for payment, enjoying the experience they expect from Amazon, including fast, free delivery, seamless checkout experience, and free returns for eligible orders. In addition, sellers joining Buy with Prime can use Sponsored Brands ads to guide shoppers to the product pages of their independent sites.

At the time, this service was considered a challenge by Shopify, Shopify strongly resisted this service in the second half of last year, according to Shopify's notification screenshots sent to merchants, it can be seen that merchants who have used Buy With Prime have encountered fraudulent orders, Shopify will not protect them. The notice also warned that Amazon's service may steal customer data and charge customers incorrectly. Because this feature supports all platforms and does not require permission from its own.

What is using Amazon's "Buy with Prime" policy mean for buyers? confidence knowing you get free, easy returns on eligible items

So, what are the advantages of Buy with Prime, which is facing such targeting? From the buyer's point of view, when I first go to a brand's official website to shop, I must fill in credit card, phone address and other information, but if this brand supports Buy with Prime, then I can choose to synchronize options, saving time and paying costs. And Prime members will see Prime logos and delivery promises on eligible products, indicating that the product can be delivered free of charge - the fastest next day delivery - and returns are easy.

The biggest advantage for merchants is to increase sales and reach more customers. With Buy with Prime, the seller's independent site can have more visibility and reach more customers. Additionally, by using Amazon Pay, merchants can reduce the friction of checkout and increase conversions. Another advantage for merchants is that by joining Buy with Prime, they can leverage Amazon's reputation for trust and customer service, which can attract more customers to their independent site.

However, it's important to note that while Buy with Prime may offer some advantages for merchants, it also brings some risks. As Shopify mentioned in its notification, there is a risk of data theft and incorrect charges by Amazon. Additionally, by relying on Amazon's services, merchants may become too dependent on the platform and lose control over their customer data and sales channels.

In conclusion, Buy with Prime offers some advantages for both buyers and sellers, but it also brings some risks. Merchants should weigh the pros and cons and decide whether this service is right for their business.

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